DayZ Commander (DayZ Launcher)

SixLauncher is the official DayZ laucher, but there are a few good alternatives out there. One of those is DayZ Commander which has just been updated to version

The benefits of DayZ Commander include: Friends list and chat, better server information and a favorite servers list.

Download the latest version at

Full change log after the break

  • Can now override DayZ mod directory in settings pane
  • Can now automatically close DayZ Commander when launching a game
  • The versions panel now shows you the percentage of servers running a particular version. (This helps figure out which versions you probably want to be on right now.)
  • The “check now” button on the versions pane now also refreshes “Your Version” of Arma2 and DayZ.
  • Servers that are on a different version (of either dayz or arma) now have a faded out color.
  • Automatic download and install/upgrade of latest Arma2 beta version (via the Versions panel)
  • Friends list now shows the “normal” server row information so it allows refresh, favoriting, etc.
  • Added “Hide Wrong Arma2 Version” and “Hide Wrong DayZ Version” to filter
  • Wrong Arma2 version logic is now based off the “minimum arma version” setting that the server provides, not an exact match
  • Added “apply update” button to automatically restart commander when a new update is pending.
  • Fixed application window title
  • Favorites title now shows a count like the friends title


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